Wills & Estates


Preparing a Will may be one of the most important actions that you ever take because it leaves a legacy of your life’s work.

We encourage you to prepare your Will with a lawyer because you are an individual with unique needs; customized service will accommodate your situation more specifically than any template or kit.

Power of Attorney

There may come a time when want someone to handle some or all of your financial and/or property affairs. A Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows you to grant another person the power to act on your behalf. You may continue to act on your own behalf and have control over your affairs, but the attorney will also be able to take action.

Health Care Directive (Living Will)

A Health Care Directive, also known as a Living Will, is a document that lets others know how you would like to be treated if you lose your capacity to make decisions about your health care. It gives your doctor or other health care provider directions about what kind of health care measures are acceptable to you. When your doctor or other health care provider follows your directions, he or she has protection from subsequent legal action.


Estate Administration

Being named the Executor of an estate involves a great deal of paperwork. We help streamline the process with a package that will help you obtain the necessary documentation.

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Kevin A. Clarke

Kevin is one of our partners, and maintains a general practice of law. He has a particular emphasis on Wills and Estates, as well as general business advising.

Kevin has practiced in Regina since 1990, being associated or a partner with our firm since 2002. In addition to advising roles, he has appeared at every level of courts in Saskatchewan as well as the Supreme Court of Canada, and has represented clients before administrative tribunals in all of the western Canadian provinces, most often dealing with Worker’s compensation matters.